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Emergency Response and Information

For all emergencies, call 911 immediately.

All VISN 8 facilities are currently open and operating as normal. 


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Hurricane Season began June 1st…

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Get a Kit, Make a Plan, Be Informed 

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 Hurricane Season is Coming - photo of Hurricane Near Florida - Be prepared! 

For all emergencies, call 911 immediately.

For updates, including the current operating status of your nearest
VISN 8 VA Medical Center or outpatient clinic, please use the links below:

Personal Preparedness Checklist (2 weeks supply)

  • Water – 18 ½ gallons of water per person (1/2 gallon for drinking, 2 gallons for bathing)
  • Food – Ready to eat canned food:  juices, milk, soup; Snacks: cookies, cereals, etc.; Soft drinks, instant coffee, tea.
  • Medicine – first aid kit that contains aspirin, non-aspirin pain reliever, antacid, antiseptic, scissors, mosquito repellent
  • Personal Hygiene/Care Items: toilet paper, towels, soap, shampoo, denture needs, eyeglasses, sun protection, childcare needs (such as diapers, ointments, etc.)
  • Other supplies – battery operated radio, flashlight and batteries, non-electric can opener, portable cooler and ice, plastic trash bags, tarp or sheet plastic, duct tape, cleaning supplies such as bleach, paper napkins, plates and cups, pillows and blankets, non-electronic games for kids.
  • Keep a record of scheduled appointments for follow-up visits, lab work and specialty care services.

Prescription Medications

  • Keep a list of all medications in your personal preparedness kit.
  • Keep a 15 day supply of medication and supplies on hand. Do not allow your supply to go below 15 days.
  • For medications that require refrigeration – make sure you have a small portable cooler or ice chest ready for easy transport, if needed.
  • If you must evacuate, bring prescription bottles, whether full or empty of all medications that you are currently taking.

All veterans and VA employees are advised to follow evacuation orders given by local governments.  

Visit the Florida Division of Emergency Management website www.floridadisaster.org* for additional emergency preparedness tips.

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